Formatting for Kindle – Part 3

This post follows on from Formatting for Kindle – Part 2. Part 1 is here.

#10. Creating a Clickable Table of Contents

Creating a table of contents is easier than ever with the latest version of Microsoft Word. It does have a few steps to it though. They are:

Step 1:

Highlight a chapter heading, then change the font and size and centralise it (or left align it if you prefer) then right-click on the Heading 1 style, and choose – Update Heading 1 to Match Selection. (or it may say ‘modify’)

Go through the whole manuscript, highlighting the chapter headings and just clicking on the Heading 1 style. When you have done them all, if you click on Find, then Headings, you will see the list of chapter headings underneath. It’s useful to check through and make sure you haven’t missed any out.

kindle chapter heading

Step 2:

The next step of creating the table of contents, is to click on the page where you want it to go, (usually the second page) give it a title, like Contents, place the cursor underneath, then go to the References tab, choose Table of Contents, then Custom Table of Contents.

kindle toc1


A box will pop up, and here, you can change the font and size of the typeface in the table of contents, by clicking on ‘Modify’.

kindle toc2


This box will pop up, where you can adjust the font type and size. Then you will click okay and be redirected to the above box again, where you want to deselect the Show Page Numbers box, make sure the Use Hyperlinks instead of page numbers is selected, change the Show Levels to ‘1’ and then click ‘OK‘.

kindle toc3


You should then get this:

kindle toc4

Congratulations! You now have a clickable table of contents! When someone buys your book on Kindle, they will now be able to skip straight to the chapter they wish to go to. In the very beginning, I never had clickable contents, I didn’t see the point. But now, being an avid Kindle user, when a book doesn’t have one, I get quite annoyed!

Tune in soon for tips on the front and back matter of your eBook, which is the final step of the formatting process, your book will then be ready to upload to KDP! (As described in my 6 part series of posts on publishing your book on KDP)


Disclaimer: All views, ideas and tips presented on this website are my own, based on my own experience and the experience of my clients. It is by no means the only way to do it, or the right way to do it, but it is the way that works for me. Please take what helps you and makes sense to you, and don’t worry about the rest for now. Please know that I take no responsibility for anything that happens as a result of you following my advice. I have created this blog as a resource for Indie Authors to help them make the publishing journey a little easier. I am not affiliated with any of the companies I mention, other than the fact that I use their services myself.





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