Self-Publishing on Createspace – Part 6

To learn how to set up your Createspace account, then create a book, please do catch up by reading Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.

#7. File Review

Once you have received and email from Createspace, saying that your book has been approved, you can now view an online proof copy (which is like the online reviewer used previously), you can download a PDF proof and you can also order a printed proof copy.

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(If the email says that you need to make changes before they will approve it, then make the appropriate changes and re-submit it for reviewing).

#8. Proof Your Book

Even though I have published many books now, and I probably could just look at the online proof and approve the book, I still ALWAYS order a paperback proof copy. Why? Because I like to do one last proofread before publishing, and also because occasionally something might not go to plan on the cover or in the front and back matter. In my last book, for example, the book title on the title page was not in the right place, and looked odd, which I hadn’t noticed on the online proof copy. It’s much easier to spot formatting errors and also spelling mistakes and typos, when the book is in printed format. And even if it’s been edited and proofread extensively, and you’ve employed all kids of tactics, I promise you, there will still be more errors lurking in there.

The proof copy will be the most expensive copy you will buy, as you will have a huge postage cost for just one book, which in the future will be spread out over lots of books. You can buy up to 5 proof copies, so you could get some extra if you have willing friends to look over them for you. They will have ‘Proof’ in large letters on the final page of the book, so there’s no point buying too many as they won’t be saleable.

If you find errors in the print copy, then you can make changes to the original document, and re-upload it, but you will then have to re-submit the book for Createspace to review it and approve it, which will take another 24-48 hours.

Once you are happy with the proof, you can approve it, which will mean that it will be available to buy on Amazon within a few days, and that you can now buy copies at cost price.

In the next part, I will go through the distribution and pricing sections.




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