The Amethyst Angel

The Earth Angel Series is a magical spiritual fiction series written by Michelle Gordon that spans ten books, taking you on a journey from the other side, to other realms and to this planet. Following angels, faeries, merpeople and starpeople as they leave their homes to become human and help planet Earth from destruction, these books will entertain and inspire!

The Earth Angel Series is available now in paperback and Kindle. (Paperbacks come in US edition or UK edition)

The Visionary Collection

The Visionary Collection are stories of other realities and life after death written by Michelle Gordon. There are four books in the collection, Heaven dot com, The Doorway to PAM, The Elphite and I’m Here.

They are all available now in paperback and Kindle.

About the Author

Michelle Gordon started writing The Earth Angel Series in 2009, and 9 years of her life was spent with the characters and their lives. She loves how they have helped and inspired people, and is not promising any further books in the series, but she hasn’t ruled it out either…