Angela Raasch

Angela RaaschHave you encountered Angels? As a small girl Angela ‘heard’ a warning, a clear strong voice of command, telling her not to get into this car, say goodbye and walk away. Many have received similar guidance from celestial guardians. The Angels stepping in to prevent tragedy.

Over the years Angela has experienced other spontaneous warnings allowing her to realize she is never alone. As the years changed, a doorway to a path of healing opened, allowing an understanding that again, the Angelic Kingdom wished to step close once more. This time to alleviate personal troubles, difficult aspects and situations, enabling Angela to understand why she had reached stagnancy in so many areas of her life. Demonstrating how to ‘ask’ for Angelic help to transform so many stalemate situations, gave her the determination to carry on down this path of unknown territory. A path that has ultimately led to this wonderful form of Angelic healing.

If you wish to explore Angelic Request Therapy, and allow the Angels to help you with your own personal trials, you will discover the same love and healing that Angela has experienced. An inner peace that defies current detrimental influence and survives through these troubled times. Angela has written two books, A Manual Blessed By Angels and  Creation of Positive Living.

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