Nala Ha’Levi

Always a traveller in time, space, and imagination, Nala ha’Levi has finally settled in Sussex, England, to realise his dream of becoming a writer, after the experiences of many lifetimes have now allowed him to be able to dedicate some personal time to himself. He has lived not only on this planet – Earth – before, but on other planets too. Some so far away that they are impossible to locate, and on some that are now long dead, yet their signals are still audible in space; and on some that have yet to be discovered by man, in far-off galaxies. It was on one of these distant worlds that he first encountered stories about dragons, and he has spent many years searching for the truth about them since discovering that they were also part of folklore in many cultures over our home planet. He is a ‘Wordsmith and Performance Poet’ and has previously illustrated and published an Anthology titled ‘Just Imagine…’ He also produces all the illustrations for his books.

Merrydown’s Story is the first book in the Dragonmaster Trilogy and is available on Amazon.