Victor Keegan

victor_keeganVictor Keegan is a British journalist and author focusing on economics and technology issues. Born in London, he has spent most of his working life at The Guardian as reporter, financial correspondent, deputy financial editor, economics editor, business editor, duty editor, Chief Leader Writer, Assistant Editor and Online Editor.

For 11 years he was a member of the Scott Trust, owner of the Guardian, the Observer and other media interests. Until recently he wrote a weekly column on the internet and personal technology (see link below) and contributes to Guardian Unlimited’s web site and “Comment is Free” blog. He was also curator of the “SLart Gallery” in Second Life from 2008 – 2012

With his colleague, Neil McIntosh, he introduced the Guardian’s first blogs (Technology and Games). In 2001 he started the first-ever text message poetry competition for the Guardian and in August 2003, kickAAS one of the first dedicated political blogs aimed at helping developing countries by abolishing agriculture subsidies. From 2008 to 2012 he was chair of a not-for-profit start up World Film Collective, “‘WFC. that encourages youngsters in very poor countries to make and edit films with their mobiles. In 2010 he published two iPhone apps: City Poems which links classic poems to the streets of London that inspired them using satellite links. Geo Poems contains all of the poems in his three books linked by geo-tagging to the people and places around the world that inspired them. A third app released in 2011 uses the phone’s geo-location feature to take a tour of Shakespeare’s London. He also writes poetry, paints using virtual techniques, and takes photographs. His three books of poetry (Crossing the Why, Big Bang and Remember to Forget) are available on Kindle.

He is married to Rosie Keegan and has two sons, Daniel and Christopher.

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