75 x 75 = Flash Fraction

75x75A Flash Fiction collection of 75 short stories all captured in exactly 75 words. Birth, death, IVF, forbidden love, infidelity and alien abduction are all here. From the humorous and painfully poignant to murderous cold-blooded revenge, each story aims to entertain, often with a surprise twist.

Praise for 75 x 75 = Flash Fraction

“Each one, like a firework, burns deep into your consciousness.”  Debbie Young

“Seventy-five separate stories which are complete little gems and each only seventy-five words long.” Jenny Pellett

“The leading force of the genre in the blogosphere.”  Mag Offleash

75 x 75 = Flash Fraction is by Helena Mallett and is available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.