A Manual Blessed By Angels

Manual Blessed by AngelsEvery man woman and child has been given invisible support, from birth to passing, regardless of religious belief, social status or state of ‘goodness’; Angelic presence prevails to aid each and every one of us daily.

Requesting assistance with day-to-day events, personal relationships, protecting our loved ones as well as ourselves, removing curses or other negative energy from our own subtle or physical body, ensuring our homes and working areas are positively energised (including our own neighbourhood) or dealing with karmic issues these are just a few themes that the Angelic Kingdom can alleviate our lives of.

Understand that in some instances we may have to experience difficult times for our own growth leaving the angels restricted from helping until the ordeal has run its course then they may step in to ensure a quick recovery.

Learning to ‘request’ aid is paramount in our current hectic day and age. This book has been given so that each and every one of us may benefit now, simply by ‘asking’ the Angelic force may strive to work to benefit one and all.

A Manual Blessed By Angels is available on Amazon.