Creation of Positive Living

creationDiscover Angelic healing by allowing the Angels to uplift you. Working with the Universal Rays, they are able to transform energetically all that prevents you from moving forward. Releasing you to experience a higher vibration, which in itself creates new opportunities for you to explore. Creation of Positive Living allows you to maintain an inner calm, knowing all you have to do, at any moment in time, is simply ‘ask’ the Angelic Kingdom to step in and restore your peaceful stance, releasing you from memories that no longer allow you growth. The book gives you the keys for understanding how others may affect you and limit your development. How to transform detrimental intent allowing you to maintain a positive field. It also gives an understanding of how you affect others. As you move through this journey of change, you discover you are able to fully awaken your own ability to command your inner creator or ‘I AM’ principle, enabling you to live your life in contentment, knowing whatever the day presents you have the ability to live positively. Creating a journey of joy.

Creation of Positive Living is available on Amazon.