I’m Here

3d 2When Marielle finds out that a guy she had a crush on in school has passed away, the strange occurrences of the previous week begin to make sense. She suspects that he is trying to give her a message from the other side, and so opens up to communicate with him, She has no idea that by doing so, she will be forming a bond so strong, that life as she knows it will forever be changed.

Nathan assumed that when he died, he would move on, and continue his spiritual journey. But instead he finds himself drawn to a girl that he once knew. The more he watches her, and gets to know her, he realises that he was drawn to her for a reason, and that once he knows what that is, he will be able to change his destiny.

Praise for I’m Here

“This story has unexpected twists and turns and this author is definitely on my ‘future books to read’ list! From the second I started, I was hooked. As much as this deals with an esoteric theme, it is a very real and natural read. I loved the characters so much, they brought tears to my eyes at times. If you love books by authors such as Paulo Coelho, or Neale Donald Walsch, this will be right up your street!” – Chip Jenkins

“Michelle’s book provides a wonderful love story interwoven with spiritual concepts that really challenge your thinking about the way things evolve in life. I really enjoyed the various twists in the story near the end – they introduced a sense of mystery which meant I couldn’t put down the book until I’d finished it! Well done Michelle – I’m eagerly awaiting your next publication.” – Valerie Abl

I’m Here is available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.