The Doorway to PAM

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Natalie is an ordinary girl who has lost her way. There is nothing particularly special about her or her life. She has no exceptional abilities. She hasn’t achieved anything miraculous. Her life has very little meaning to it.Evelyn is the caretaker at Pam’s. The alternate dimension where souls at their lowest point find the answers they need to turn their lives around. The dimension dreamers visit, to help people while they sleep.One ordinary girl, one extraordinary woman.
One fated meeting that will change lives.
 Praise for The Doorway to PAM

‘If you’re looking for an interesting, engaging, entertaining and uplifting read then look no more. You’ll find it in ‘The Doorway To PAM’.’ – Mark Tomlinson

‘I recommend that you grab yourself a cup of tea and a big slice of your favourite cake and settle down to read this stunning novel – it is, quite simply, fantastic.’ – Eliza

‘I just finished Doorway to PAM. It is the best book I have ever read.’ – Penny Hall

The Doorway to PAM is by Michelle Gordon and is available on Amazon as a paperback, and on Kindle.