Book Titles – 5 Things to Consider

I’m not even going to tell you how long it took me to come up with a title for this blog post. Which is about my experiences with creating book titles. Ironic, no? As the author of ten books, coming up with a decent title for each story is something that I have wrestled with […]

Your Amazon Author Page

An often overlooked, but important part of Indie Publishing on Amazon, is the Author Page. It’s up to you as the author to fill it in, put a photo, a bio, links to Twitter and your blog, and also videos if you wish. It’s free to have one, and it makes sense to take the […]

Universal Book Links

**UPDATED POST – Booklinker have just given the site a makeover, so I have changed the screenshots. All the info is the same** This post is about how to make your book as accessible as possible to everyone online. I found out about the website I am going to talk about from someone on Facebook, […]

6 Tips for Great Author Photos

Years ago, authors were mysterious creatures who were locked away in their offices, writing feverishly all day and night, while their agent and publishers did all the selling and marketing. In those days, unless there was a photo of them on the back jacket of their book, it was common to not know what an […]

How to Send Documents to your Kindle

In yesterday’s post, I listed 10 tips for self-editing, and tip #3 was to send your novel to your Kindle so that you can read through it, and also make notes and highlight what needs changing. This post will detail exactly how to send your novel (or any other document you want) to your Kindle […]